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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Expedition Trailer Back To Coyote Flats!

This was a quick trip over Father's Day to escape the heat by 4x4'ing up to the 10,000' elevation level of the alpine lakes of Coyote Flats. Although some aspects of the trip's plan went a little sideways it did allow me the freedom to hike to elevations well above the lake I was camped at. The hike was not in the original plan so this was a great bonus as I love exploring new areas.

Already past all of the road's switchbacks but prior to the water crossing the views in all directions are well worth the trek upwards.

My expedition trailer is almost 10 years old and it has performed superbly, following me anywhere the 4Runner is pointed.

There was decent water flow in the creek crossing

Camp went up quickly. The high mountain behind the flag is where I was able to go hiking.

Ready for an all day hike!

Coyote Lake is already looking smaller as I went higher. I can see some day visitors and their vehicles on the lake's north shore.

Even more visitors dropping by the lake's east shore  as I hiked even higher up.

RockyBottom Lake is looking smaller too

With maximum digital zoom I can just make out my camp over a thousand feet below.

The views are always worth the effort to ascend higher.

Elated to be up high!

The trek back down to camp was much shorter and easier than heading up. Now it is time to try out the new hammock and take a rest.

I think I slept incredibly well for almost two hours. The hammock is a keeper!

Preparing to burn more firewood than I could ever need for a night.

I think it took about 4 hours to burn the night's batch. Lots of time to think about how the trip was turning out and enjoy a good dinner.

Obligatory early evening 4Runner & trailer picture.  😄

Hot blueberry pancakes anyone?

One last campsite shot from across the lake

Thanks for heading out with me on this trip! Be sure to watch for my next adventure with Colorado's mountain mining history. Until then, stay safe and start planning your own next adventure and "self-quarantine" in the great outdoors!.

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