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Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Expedition Trailer Trip to Bodie Ghost Town and the Sierras

Come join me on another expedition trailer journey through the Sierras and also a visit to a classic California ghost town!
First group photo at the Mono Lake view point
Group photo at the last camp site on the Wheeler Ridge Trail

 Take 2!

Leaving pavement for Copper Mountain

Enjoying the wonderful views while we air down the tires

Going UP!

Working our way higher up into the mountains

FishPoet is happy to get into the trees and look for camp sites
Picking out camp sites 

Two very happy campers.

Brit55's pooch was a happy dog despite the mournful look 

Dreaming of flying through the Sierras

Leaving camp for Bodie! 

There's a ghost town in those far hills! 

The always smiling Liza in the big E-350 4x4 that Brit55 has built

Air in the tires and clean windows at Conway Summit 

Which way to Bodie??

Bodie is a contrast of sad and amusing, a mix of old and new and sometimes a marvelous and naturally artistic blend of decay and preservation.

It is quite easy to become lost in thoughts of imagining the noise and hustle of the town 

You can often spot more modern artifacts clinging to the sides of much older buildings

The town's banker had quite an ornate abode with lots of touches that shouted out his status
Nature is always ready to assert its claim to the land much as this bird of prey scans the green fields that have taken over the town

The Standard Mill

"Mrs. Hoover", the mill owner's wife who gave us a tour of the mill 

It was SO wonderful to have these two along with me! It made the trip EXTRA special.