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Monday, February 6, 2017

Reflections on the Barker-Bighorn Dam

The return of rain to California's vast lands has brought more than just relief from the drought. We are now able to enjoy the quiet places where earth and the sky meet at the water's edge. On a recent desert trip to search for a lost mine I stopped by an early 1900's water reservoir just before sunset. 

First constructed to reach a height of 9 feet by cattleman C.O. Barker in 1900 the dam was extended upwards another 6 feet in 1949 by rancher William F. Keys. It is situated between Queen Valley and the Wonderland of Rocks in Joshua Tee National Park and for a short while int eh 1950's it supported Key's efforts to make a living in the harsh desert land. 

The Barker-Bighorn Dam is once again filled and served as a natural mirror for the setting sun during my short visit to this special place.


Thanks for going with me on this rewarding hike to a great getaway in the Mojave Desert. Now it is time to follow old mining roads that head up the remote canyons and see what else awaits us in the Mojave Desert..

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