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Sunday, February 25, 2018

2018 Expedition Vehicle

Recently I made a decision to sell the 2005 4Runner so I stripped out all of my modifications, re-installed the stock gear and it sold just yesterday. It was at 239,000 miles and I felt that a new vehicle would be a good choice because of my frequent solo trips. The 2005 4Runner was a very faithful and reliable friend, sharing many adventures.

This is a last picture of it before it left with a new owner.

Here is the replacement! A 2018 Toyota TRD Off Road Premium with a factory rear locker, crawl control and multi-terrain select features.

Lots of upgrades are in the works including sliders, better suspension, dual battery setup, beefier rear lower control arms, roof rack and more. I'll be updating this post as I make progress on the modifications.

I took off the suspension from the old 4Runner and sent it to the factory for a rebuild with  new seals, springs and so on.

The rock sliders from the old 4Runner need a small modification so that they fit well on the new  4Runner.

I spent time in the garage measuring and cutting then will have a shop weld on a small 2" square plate over the opening.


The sliders' four mounting U-bolts have been cleaned and repainted.

 I also cleaned and repainted the rear springs and the rear lower control arms.

Front of the sliders have been welded. They'll need a bit more cleanup and lots of paint.

Suspension install is almost complete. The "old" swaybar relocation brackets will not work on the new 4Runner so I ordered a new set. Otherwise the front coilovers, rear coil springs, rear shocks, bumpstop spacers and heavy duty lower control arms are all installed.

Lift installed!

Sliders are clean and repainted, ready to bolt up!

A few late afternoon shots of the install.

Each of those round openings is a spot to place a HiLift Jack where it won't slip when lifting the truck.

A view down from the driver's side door.

The offset blocks for the swaybar have been installed and I now have the swaybar back into the 4Runner.

The block goes in first and serves to move the swaybar a little forward so as not to contact the coilover.

Here is what it looks like with the OEM Bracket and swaybar reinstalled.

Today I fabbed a front license plate holder that is down below the bumper. Keeps the LEOs happy but I avoided drilling holes in my nice front bumper. I also installed my aftermarket end links for the rear swaybar.

Here is the stock one in position

Here is the reconditioned aftermarket link next to a stock one. The extra length is to get the swaybar back into alignment after the install of the taller rear springs.


Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 Huntington Beach Air Show

All pictures were taken by me and all rights to the pictures are reserved by me! There are just a few of my favorite pictures I have shared for your viewing enjoyment. I highly recommend this yearly beach-side California air show!