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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Inyo Range Salt Tram Expedition, September 2010

Team sticker design by Linus T!

As always, I am tremendously pleased to have had a chance to bring together old and new friends to share, to learn and to experience the places that I love to explore.
I know that I learned a lot  on this adventure, but not what I expected!:
I've learned that there is never an end to the pleasure of someone just plain bowling me over with kindness and generosity. Linus surprised and pleased all of us with the best sticker that I have ever been given. When I saw the first one on the door of his "Da Snorkel" as I pulled up, I was simply amazed. To be given some of them for free simply knocked me out.
I found that after all of the organizing and emails, that at the end of the first long hot day, a little keg of cold Newcastle was a simple pleasure that cannot be underestimated.
That the best thing about a potluck is not the food, but the camraderie and conversation shared by such great folks who also took the time and energy to share their favorite foods with us.
Or when my rig and trailer could not make it up that hill I swear I never broke a sweat because I had the support of the best possible folks a guy could have with him in a difficult situation. Thank you for turning a difficult spot into a cool learning experience.
I'll follow up with some more posts but here is another photo at the tramway's historic summit station (Courtesy of CnynRat)

Left to right
Dave - Bill - Jim - Alan - Jane - Eric - Kevin - Linus
I think that Jodi was hiding behind Jim  :-)

The mysterious inner workings of one of the more remote transfer stations of the Salt Tram. Picture from an earlier 2007 adventure.

 Rich and I get a close up look at one of the few remaining salt "buckets"


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I'll be uploading photos and narratives from the past as well as my most recent adventures. I hope that they will serve to educate as well as entertain.