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Monday, November 23, 2015

Dreams of Fiji in 2015

 Come and enjoy the South Pacific with me! The bluest warm water, amazing aquatic life, the friendliest people, gorgeous sunsets and, endless perfect beaches. Somehow my time there was too short and I wanted to share some of the beauty with you.

Every afternoon you could enjoy a stunning sunset, from glorious gold to amazing hues of red.

Sunsets could be enjoyed while hanging out at the bar

Once night had fallen you could enjoy a crisp full moon showering cool moonlight on the beach

Tom Hanks and Wilson enjoyed the beaches here

Just out the front door a short plunge takes you into the warm waters.

I really loved seeing the boats cruising across the blue and turquoise ocean waters.

A club wielding warrior performs an enthusiastic welcome dance.
My little grass shack called a "bure"

This sighting explained some strange early morning noises!

A long hike to this high point...
... resulted in outstanding views of this island

The lounges are inviting us to enjoy this sunset

In the morning you can enjoy breakfast on the sand.

Even out on the main island, people love their Jeeps!

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