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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Exploring with the Expedition Trailer in South East Utah

I just completed another fantastic trip with my truck and expedition trailer to the wonderful lands near Moab, Utah! Please ride along with me and  explore the canyons and vistas that await all of us.

This trip boasted all sorts of weather including high winds, snow, rain and brilliant sunshine. Typical spring weather in Utah can turn a steep road into a white knuckle challenge or quickly shred tent flaps into tatters. Be prepared when you go, not just for challenges but for the rewards of sights you will never see anywhere else. Great adventure awaits those who are willing to embark on such a journey.

This vehicle and expedition trailer are my magic carpet that transport me to and through remote and forbidding terrain. The truck is well equipped without being unsafely modified, capable yet comfortable to ride in. The trailer is compact and maneuverable while allowing more cargo to be carried which can extend the range of my offroad travels.

While staying at the hard rock surface of the White Crack area I did not have to search for a spot to pitch my tent and get comfortable.Simply park and deploy the tent.

Easy enough to load the gear back in the trailer, fold the tent and continue the exploration.

 The adventure included brief snowstorms such as at Mesa Arch

Traversing long lonely stretches of old mining roads leading to the Shafer Trail Switchbacks

Ascending slippery, muddy roads in a narrow portion of Long Canyon while pulling the trailer. There were more than a few spots that worried me.

I was able to drive under this mountain of a boulder shown in the rear view mirror. Calling it enormous would not do it justice..

Or having fun pointing out the MTB-phobia that the National Parks engage in.

Speaking of Musselman Arch

 How about exploring the elusive slot canyon of the White Rim Trail?

As always, you can stop anywhere and absorb endless delightful vistas all around you

Midway in the photo you can see Fins & Things and the La Sal Mountains in the distance

Sometimes you will break things in the middle of nowhere. Having tools, spare parts and a good workaround solution will prevent you from being stranded and facing expensive rescues.

How about a broken lower shock mount?Turns out that it had a cold weld that was barely hanging on in two small spots. Somewhere in the deep dust of Hardscrabble I whacked something that popped off the mount without any other damage.

Having a great friend along like Norm was invaluable. I decided to remove the shock and took it easy while towing the trailer.

Sometimes you need to hike a little to connect with the Ancients who lived here before us

Be sure to get off the computer, out of the house and explore safely! Until the next adventure, so long!

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