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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Climbing Mt. McKinley (Denali) in May, 2005 - Part 4

May 12th Journal Entry

This was a rest day and I slept until 8 AM. I read a book and enjoyed sliced almonds. Bad weather kept all climbers to this camp. I helped a Dutch couple build snow walls for their kitchen. Lunch is always a do-it-yourself affair based on personal food carried along. We had company over in our kitchen: Silke and Alex from Germany, Delan and Wynia from Holland and a fireman from Virginia. We talked from late afternoon until 10 PM

May 13th Journal Entry

This was a day to haul a cache of food up to 13,500 feet past the point on the map called "Windy Corner" and bury it for later recovery to take to 14k'. Getting up "Motorcycle Hill" was slow as it was clogged with all of the guided groups. What should have been a 4 hour round trip was almost 7!! It was a hard ascent and the most technical so far.

Leaving 11k camp

Now much higher above the 11K site.

Gotta get up this hill to get to Windy Corner

Made it up! All hot and sweaty. Like the cool blue nose protector?

Getting cold so it's time to bundle up. Note the silver colored water bottle insulator on my belt. They were made by Outdoor Research and worked great. Look at that view!!!

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